I figured every cult needs a set of beliefs to be controlled by. Here is my best attempt.

001) A meaningful life doesn’t have to be a serious life.

Pursuing the enjoyment of life can often be portrayed as lacking purpose, meaning and importance. Yet, nothing is farther from the truth!

The pursuit of fun and feeling good is not JUST meaningful, it can be the most helpful, healing & critical part of developing a truly meaningful life. 

002) If we’re not growing, we’re dying...very slowly.

Our purpose is progress. Curiosity is better than certainty. Moving toward discomfort. Embracing vulnerability. Exploring the unknown. These are some PremiumAF ideas worth internalizing.

This community is about YOU growing. If you look up 3 months from now and don’t feel your own evolution, I kindly ask you unsubscribe and find somewhere that will empower you to do so.

003) The depth of your connection with others significantly impacts both your purpose & enjoyment in life.

The good news is that other people don’t all have to suck.

We will explore relationships in this way, as well as, your powerful mirror to look in to learn about and discover who you authentically are. 

We’ve also set some strong intention to nurture this community into a life-giving & intimate space for growth TOGETHER.

004) Life is happening for you not to you.

Inspiration, passion, unique genius, and creativity wants to live through you. The great art of “allowing” this to happen is THE key to living on purpose...on purpose.

Not listening to or being unwilling to act on these things wanting expression in your life is a great recipe for feeling unmotivated & purposeless. 

We’re going to learn how to honor & give voice to these things and make life feel like a gift, not a chore, again.

005) Our body, mind & emotions are the vehicles and drivers that we navigate life with.

We’re going to focus on keeping them well-nurtured and in a peak state to empower the greatest possible amount of enjoyment in life, of course. 

Being terrible at feeling awful is truly the secret to actually enjoying life.

006) We CAN make the income we want to make doing something we actually enjoy doing.

Grinding everyday out & bypassing your inner satisfaction in exchange for barely enough money to feel safe and almost secure is no way to live. Instead, we’re going to “pretend” that there’s a much more enjoyable way to live by getting paid to do something we actually enjoy doing!

007) Who you think you should be and who you think you are are not always authentically who you are.

Together, we’ll cut through the layers of who you think you should be and who you think you are in order to connect with the stranger that you are. 

Often times, simply being a curious student of our lives might be a massive upgrade from the delusional sense of certainty we get by pretending to be someone who we’re not. (Imagine that!)

Here’s to the journey we’re about to embark on together!