We're Hiring!

Job Title: 

Research Assistant for the JP Reacts YouTube channel.

Job description:

Find reaction or commentary topics for videos that are relevant to our viewers (freedom lovers), relatively evergreen, and rare topic ideas (something that not everyone else is covering). We’re NOT looking for the latest in current events. 

We want these topics to be evergreen so that people can watch them for months or even years to come, rather than current event videos that are stale after a week.

There are two exceptions to evergreen topic ideas:

  1. Ideas that expose things that will help people better understand current events (ie. a train derailment that spilled toxic chemicals prompts a reaction video that shines the light on that company’s shady history).
  2. Compilations of several current events (ie. five insane woke TikToks JP can react to).

Content Criteria for Research Topics

Content topics should be relevant, rare, and relatively evergreen. Along with that, the content ideas that would be a great fit are ones that involve one or more of the following:

  • Aligned with the mission of freedom and awakening humanity
  • Expose lies, hypocrisy, and corruption 
  • Absurdities that need to be laughed at and ridiculed
  • Hilarious Content!
  • Highlight the contributions of other freedom fighters, successes within the freedom movement
  • Historical happenings that help better understand what is happening today


What the workflow looks like:

  1. Pitch. Email us a topic idea and a short paragraph on how and why it is relevant to the content criteria and which tier of video it’s intended to be.
  2. Approval. We’ll confirm if we approve the pitch and would like to move forward with your topic or if we’d prefer to pass on it. (payment is made on approved topics only)
  3. Research. Once we approve a topic, then you move forward compiling the resource(s), suggested outline, and any notes. For a tier one video, this might be as simple as providing a video link and any time stamps if necessary. And a tier three video might involve an outline of multiple videos, articles, and notes on how it all ties together.
  4. Payment. Once you email us with the research on approved topics, you get paid!


Payment is commission based on three tiers of topic ideas

Tier 1 idea - $50. 
This would be reacting to something small like a video or article. Might require a brief backstory for context. 

Tier 2 idea - $75
This would be for topics that require more in depth information and research.
Compiling multiple articles, videos, screenshots, photos, and backstory information. 

Tier 3 idea - $100 
Something that requires a ton of extra research and outlining how it all ties together. 


Please only apply if you think that you can provide consistent, unique, and rare content ideas! 


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