Every month, I do a super secret session to help you discover, nurture, and strengthen your weirdness.

I announce when and where the day of & offer a 24 hour replay.

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I think 2019 is the year of the weird.

And if you’re not intentionally cultivating and strengthening your weirdness, you’re probably unconsciously running the hundred year old program that is continually reinforcing normal. I don’t recommend risking that!

I also don’t think your weirdness is anything that needs to be created or invented. It’s something that’s already there, it just needs discovery, nurturing, and strengthening.

In these sessions, I offer simple ideas, tools & the occasional sarcastic pattern interrupt for discovering your weirdness, awakening it, and applying it to help you get ahead in all areas of your life.

Join me for the next session and let’s weaponize your weirdness together.

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